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Update 7/15/09 – No Justice for Cruelly Starved Beaver County, PA Dog

Another German Shepherd starved to death in a cage, this time in Beaver County, PA.  Humane officers are calling it one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they have ever seen.

“The officers, when they went in they found garbage and trash, half eaten food all over the place … a lot of different packages that were ripped open by the cats,” said Chief Daniel Madgar, of the Beaver Police Department. “There were four cats in the residence; litter box piled about two and a half feet with feces. They found a dog in a wire cage, had been dead for quite some time.”

“It basically starved to death. Its muzzle and teeth were intertwined with the cage. Its muzzle and teeth were broken. Its lips and everything was just attached to the cage. The dog, as it was in there, trying to bite its way out several times. Finally, as it was dying was trying bite its way out of this cage,” said Madgar.

Nicole Spatig, 22 yrs-old, who rents the apartment but doesn’t actually live there, not all the time anyway, says she got sick and her boyfriend was supposed to take care of the dog. She says she didn’t even know the dog was dead but when police investigated they found the windows open and fans on in the apartment. Someone knew the dog was dead.

The cats were basically fine although they had no food or water. Spatig claimed that she only fed the cats every other day because they were overweight. Wonder how she missed the dead composing dog when she fed the cats?

Police have file 10 misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty against Spatig but it is doubtful that she will serve any time because animal cruelty laws at so lenient.

I am so sick of story after story of sick and starving dogs and animals! Why the hell to people have pets if they refuse to take care of them? I don’t even want to hear the excuses that they can’t afford to feed them, take them to a shelter. There are alternative to leaving an innocent and defenseless creature to die a long, slow painful death from starvation. There is no excuse! And there is no excuse for people getting a slap on the wrist for such cruel heinous crimes. As long as people know they can get away with something, they will.

It’s past time that people pay for their crimes and I don’t care if they are committed against a person or a dog or cat, a crime is a crime, abuse is abuse. If a person abuses an animal what is going to stop them from doing the same to a person, a child next time?

Dog Died “Slow, Painful Death” In Beaver Co. Home

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