Eugene HoppeWe talk about how wonderful dogs are for us, but just how wonderful are we for dogs?  In some cases, far too often, we are their suffering and death.  In Ft. Myers, FL, Eugene Hoppe, 34, decided that since he couldn’t afford it, he would just let his dog, Lilly, starve to death.  Little more than skin and bones, luckily Lilly was rescued on the brink of death.

When asked about her, Hoppe basically said that if got some money he would take care of her, otherwise he was just going to let he die.

A neighbor who saw Lilly called animal services and she was in no way happy about the situation.

Lilly1“I couldn’t live with the guilty conscience of lying in my bed every night and thinking, ‘Oh my God. I wonder if that dog ate today,'” said neighbor Charlene Tice, “Nobody deserves to live that that. Nobody – not even animals. I mean, he should have been treated like that. How would he like it? Why don’t you go out and eat grass and sand, and how would you like that?”

Oddly enough, when you take a look a Hoppe, he sure doesn’t look like he’s missed too many meals but poor Lilly, every bone protruding, eyes sunk into her head, patches of fur missing, infected with parasites and heartworm is a whole different story. She was locked up, starved and suffering for who knows how long and if not for a neighbor, she would have died.

LillyAnd Lilly was not the only dog confiscated from Hoppe, there were also two other dogs. One was in his trailer and the other in a dirty, vermin-infested pen with only algae covered water.

Hoppe was arrested and charged with Third Degree Felony Animal Cruelty, which is punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

Lilly is in the care of animal services and should recover then hopefully have a chance at the life she should have had.

Yes, they are our best friends but sometimes you have to wonder if we are really theirs?

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