dog-protects-companionEarlier today traffic on New York’s Major Deegan Expressway came almost to a stand still as a dog valiantly protected its injured companion from traffic and would-be rescuers. Police attempting to rescue the injured and bleeding dog that was apparently hit by a car were met by the shepherd who was running in frantic circles and lunging at anyone attempting to get close.

Eventually police did manage to rescue the injured dog, Chili, a 9-year-old chow-lab mix which they later found out was the mother of the canine protector, Husky. After the injured dog was rescued, the protector, Husky, took off and led the police on a merry chase. For 45 minutes the police followed the dog, attempting to corral it, finally managing to on an off ramp.

Chili was transported to the ASPCA where she was examined and treated. She has a broken leg which will require surgery. Husky was returned to his owner who no doubt was admonished about the dogs running loose and not having tags or identification.

This is yet another story of the amazing bond that animals have to each other. We also hear stories of dogs doing the same thing with their people, protecting them with their lives. Anyone who doubts the devotion and loyalty of these amazing creatures is really missing something. I know my life would not be complete without my canine companions!

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