Dog Nurses Tiger Cub TripletsAt the Jinan Paomaling Wild Animal World in Shandong province China, three tiger cubs were in need of mothering after they were rejected by their own mother shortly after birth. To the rescue can Hunai, a mixed breed farm dog. She is expeced to nurse the cubs for about a month until their food demand outpaces her milk supply.

Chinese officals say this is not uncommon for a dog to adopt tiger cubs when they are rejected by their mother and usually they will rub dog urine into the tiger cubs’ coats but that was unnecessary this time as Hunai seems to enjoy nursing the babies.

“The family is getting along well and seems to enjoy each other,” Paomaling manager Chen Yucai said.

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Raw Video : Tiger Cubs at Zoo Suckle on Dog

Associated Press – (APTN)

May. 21, 2007. 02:25 PM EST

Three newborn tiger cubs at a zoo in eastern China are being suckled by a dog, after their mother rejected them at birth. (May 21)

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