Jiffy, frozen to sidewalk Ok, it’s cold in Wisconsin, I can definitely attest to that fact as I live here.  Right now it’s -8 and right now, as they were all night, my babies are curled up all comfy, cozy and warm inside, where they belong.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for one Sheboygen, WI dog a few nights ago.  Jiffy, a severely obese, 11 yr-old, border collie, spent the night outside and frozen to the sidewalk.

Last Wednesday, overnight temperatures dropped down to the single digits, I think 6 degrees was the low.  Definitely not a night to leave an animal outside, without shelter.

Jiffy’s 59 year-old owner let him out but then couldn’t get him back in. Jiffy weighs almost 120-lbs, about 70-lbs more than he should weigh.  Morbidly obese and 11 yrs old, his mobility was severely compromised and he just couldn’t get back up the steps and his owner couldn’t lift or drag him either.  So poor Jiffy spent the night outside and by the morning he was frozen to the sidewalk.

A neighbor who tried to help finally called the police.

“I tried to help (the owner) with it on Wednesday night, but I got bit by it so I left it alone. She had other people coming to help and everybody did make an effort, you know it’s not that it was total neglect on her fault,” Todd Wagner said.

The thing is, this most likely would never have happened if the dog had not been so overfed that he was so overweight. Jiffy could not even walk on his own.

“You can overfeed a dog, and when you do the dog becomes extremely overweight, it cannot move properly, it puts a strain on all of their organs,” said Carey Payne, who is with the Sheboygan Humane Society. “It’s abuse. That’s plain and simple.”

Rescuers poured warm water over the dog to release him but tufts of fur still adhere to the icy sidewalk as evidence.

“It is very disturbing to see a dog that overweight and then to actually come up and see the dog frozen to the sidewalk. It was very, very traumatic for me,” said Payne. “I’ve never seen a dog actually frozen to a sidewalk before.”

Jiffy is now recovering at the humane society and his owner was arrested but no charges have been filed. The DA’s office will decide what, if any will be filed.

This whole situation makes me angry on many levels. First, food is not love and you don’t feed a dog so much that it cannot even move. Second, if your dog is stuck outside for some reason, you don’t leave it there and hope it survives. She never called for help, a neighbor finally did. The neighbor wants to say it’s not neglect, well, what the hell do you call it?!

I’m not saying throw the woman in jail but she should be charged with some kind of neglect or abuse and severely fined and hopefully Jiffy will find a home where people truly do love him and can care for him.

Dog Frozen the Sidewalk

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