22 Year-Old Joshua Moore

Seems 22-year-old Joshua Moore and a 13-year-0ld unnamed teen thought it would be fun and amusing to abuse and torture a mother dog and her puppies, video tape the cruelties and post it to YouTube.  Numerous reports were made to the police after the videos were posted and an investigation ensued, Chicago Police Department Animal Crimes Team and Gang Investigations Division arrested the torturous team.

In one, a suspect allegedly suspended a dog from a harness and leash, and spun it violently in circles in mid-air until the animal’s eyes started to pulsate rapidly. One of the two bragged that “you couldn’t tell it was a dog” because he was moving as fast as “a propeller.”

Others allegedly showed the man and boy violently tossing dogs into the air and letting them drop on their stomach. They also poured lemon juice down a dog’s throat until it started gagging.

In yet another video, the suspects hid a mother dog’s young puppies from her  and watched as she frantically searched for them as a form of psychological torture. Some dogs were forced to eat their own feces.

In another video, the boy pours rubbing alcohol on a dog’s testicles, then applies duct tape and “violently rips the tape off,” the report states. “This occurs twice in the video.”

You really have to wonder about some of the youth of today when Joshua Moore tells the arresting officers that “everything shown in the videos was for entertainment purposes and that he did not think he did anything wrong,” according to the police report.

He actually thinks that what he did was okay!!  Is this what our current culture has taught is acceptable form of entertainment?

The two were arrested in the 200 block of North Lockwood Avenue in the South Austin neighborhood Thursday night.  Moore is charged with four felony counts of animal torture and eight misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and the unnamed 13-year-old boy is charged as a juvenile with six counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and three counts of animal torture.

Rescued from the home were five dogs and five puppies, all terriers, chihuahuas or mixes of the two, there were placed with the city’s Animal Care and Control agency.

I’m going to avoid a personal commentary right now, my hands are shaking so bad from anger I can barely type.  I don’t even know what to say…. I just thank God these dog and puppies were rescued and hope those two get some serious help because they need it, to put it mildly!!


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