Braden Paul VoigtYes, sadly this is yet another story of a lack of justice in the “justice system” especially when it comes to animal abuse.  The abuser; 23 y.o., 6’2″ Braden Paul Voigt.  The abused; his girlfriend’s tiny 15-pound rat terrier named Lacy. On April 1, 2011 Clackamus County deputies responded to a 911 call and when they finally made it into the Lake Crest apartment, found the dog cowering in the bathtub covered in urine and feces.

Standing at the door to Voigt’s apartment, Dep. Bryon O’Neil said he heard yelling and thumping consistent with the sound of someone hitting a body and a high-pitched guttural screaming. O’Neil said he wasn’t certain what he was hearing.

“It was like nothing I’ve ever heard … more animal than human,” testified O’Neil, who briefly considered kicking the door in when no one responded to his knocking or statements. O’Neil checked the door and found it unlocked. He walked in and found Voigt on a living room couch. (OregonLive)

They found hemorrhaging in the dog’s eyes and injuries consistent with strangling or use of excessive force in the dog’s upper body.  Of course the coward denied hitting the dog, said he had shouted loudly and both he and his supportive girlfriend (that’s right, the dog’s owner) blamed the girlfriend’s ex for the poor dog’s injuries.

Voigt said the dog chewed on some tanning goggles and attacked him. Yeah, big tough guy got a little scratch from a tiny little 15-pound so he brutally beats and tortured the dog.

And what kind of justice is meted out by our (in)justice system?  This bully, Braden Paul Voigt, was found guilty of second-degree animal abuse but not guilty of neglect and also not guilty of aggravated animal abuse, ie. torturing an animal.  So he get 15 days in jail (which will probably be already served or suspended, something easy), 2 years probation and 3 years prohibited from owning and animal.

And we wonder what’s wrong with our kids and young adults today! God help and children this “man” has or will have in the future.  Will he go “overboard” with them as he said he did with this tiny, defenseless dog? 

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