Mick Gordon Hallelujah! An actual prison sentence although when you hear the story you will think even this is far too lenient for this sick bastard!

Mick Gordon, 37, of Longview, WA, pleaded guilty to first degree animal cruelty in the death of his hunting dog, Copper.

Originally charged with 10 counts, six were dropped in a plea agreement. On top of the animal cruelty charge he was also charged with third-degree malicious mischief, second-degree criminal trespass and hunting black bear, cougar, bobcat or lynx with the aid of dogs in Wahkiakum County.

Gordon and his hunting buddies, Bryan Hall, Joe Dills and Adam Lee, dubbed themselves the “Kill ‘Em All Boys” and were taken down by authorities after a seven month undercover operation.

Gordon, believe it or not, is actually a registered nurse although, thank God, his license was suspended when the charges came to light.

Here’s an outline of the animal cruelty charges based on court records. If you’re squeamish, definitely skip this, it’s enough to make a person ill.

[O]n Jan. 20, 2007, Gordon and his hunting buddies, dubbed the “Kill ‘Em All Boyz,” and their dogs, treed a raccoon. Gordon’s dog, Copper, ran away. When the dog returned, Wetle said Gordon put a shock collar on him and continually shocked him, at the same time kicking him. According to witnesses, Gordon said, “I should just put a bullet in your brain.”

Gordon continued shocking the dog, who had porcupine quills in his muzzle and throat, and became enraged. Witnesses said the dog was so badly injured it could barely walk and they were afraid he would kill him. They said he put another shock collar around the dog’s genitals and said, “Watch this. I’ll fry his balls.” At this point, the dog was rolling in circles and Gordon continued to shock and kick him, then threw him in the back of his truck, saying, “I’ll leave the quills in and I hope he dies.”

Wetle said witnesses tried to remove the quills, and Gordon had taped the dog’s jaws so he wouldn’t bite, then just gave up on him. They urged Gordon to take the dog to a veterinarian but he said he didn’t want to spend the money. One of the witnesses offered to buy the dog from Gordon, but he said no.

Gordon contacted a Longview veterinarian on Jan. 31, 11 days after the incident. Wetle said he walked into the vet’s office with the dog, who was in respiratory distress. The vet said the dog’s airway had to be cleared and estimated the cost at $865. She said Gordon was very condescending and walked out with no discussion about other options such as euthanasia or a sliding fee scale. He said Gordon told people the vet had said it would cost $3,000 to treat Copper. “The dog died because we don’t have any money,” Gordon said. (Daily Astorian)

When Gordon was sentence to 13 months, his lawyer argued that “typical sentences for animal cruelty over the past three years had averaged a little more than three months in jail and asked that he consider a lesser sentence. Animal cruelty cases “always get huge publicity,” he said, “more than assault of a child. It always tugs at the heartstrings.” He said Gordon has no criminal history and had worked as an EMT, paramedic and registered nurse.”

So the guy is an animal abuser/torturer, serial poacher and more, I didn’t even get into all the ‘hunting’ details, and his lawyer wants to get him back on the streets sooner?! This guy should be locked up in a mental institution for a seriously extended period of time because he is one very sick bastard!

You could tell the judge had no sympathy for him regardless of how hard the lawyer tried to play up his image of really being a nice guy despite the brutal killing and all of that.

“Look at what you’ve done,” Judge Sullivan continued. “You care for the elderly, the frail and the weak and you went on a highly organized-crime spree. I don’t know how you put it together. How many other animals have you tortured? To create cruelty and to continue to torture, you don’t deserve the mercy of the court. There is no more loyal animal than a dog. You are nowhere near the norm. Your actions were terrible and you deserve to go to prison.”

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Deputy Chief Mike Cenci said these charges were actually only the ‘tip of the iceburg.’

“There are so many things he did and wasn’t charged with, this wasn’t even a full picture of the life of Mickey Gordon. We can’t be everywhere and our staffing continues to thin. Our officers don’t get credit for the work they put forth. We rely on people to use good ethics. You don’t know what bad people are capable of. This guy epitomizes what a poacher is.” He said the gang “went everywhere” including Jefferson County and possibly Oregon and Idaho. “They killed a lot of wildlife illegally,” he said.

And add to that that according to state health department documents, Gordon told an undercover officer he put a shock collar on a child’s neck, turned it to its highest setting and shocked the child. He also told the officer he despised his bed-ridden, elderly patients.

Oh, this guy is a serious winner! I really hope he makes lots of close intimate friends in prison who want to spend lots of time with him. People, and I use that term loosely, like him really bring out the evil in me!

And of course, like most criminals, he said that he was sorry for what he’d done. Well, we know how that is, the only thing he was sorry for was that he got caught, otherwise, he’s still be out there.

Here’s a bit from the confidential informant, tell me if it sounds like this waste of human life would ever be truly repentant for anything he did;

The informant had tried to purchase a dog from Gordon in 2006, Bolz said, and had hunted with him the first time in Wahkiakum County, where a lock on a gate was broken. He said Gordon bragged about a lock-breaking device he had invented and wanted to patent, saying he could lock in the people who were chasing him. He said Gordon had described taking the dog to the vet and had continued to use Copper to hunt, knowing about his injuries. He said Gordon, in front of his 13-year-old son, cheered every time a law-enforcement officer was reported killed. The informant said he considered Gordon a danger to the public and to those around him.

Not hardly!

So, even though 13 months in no way compares to the cruelty he inflicted, the judge did hand down quite a stiff sentence compared to what is normally handed down and I applaud him for seeing Gordon’s horrendous actions for as serious as they were and actually giving him a price to pay.

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