alexander-gregor1 In December 2008, Alexander Gregor, 23, Hilton Head Island, SC,  was arrested and charged with 4 counts of animal cruelty, one for each of two dogs he adopted from shelters then tortured and killed and two more for abusing his then girlfriend’s dog on two separate occasions.

This week Gregor pleaded guilty to the charges before 14th Circuit Court Judge Perry Buckner and actually had the audacity to ask that he not be sent to jail after brutally taking the lives of two innocent dogs and brutally abusing another. Like many other caught abusers he pleaded remorse but luckily Judge Buckner wasn’t buying it.

“I have never had a case in my career on the bench or as a lawyer in which I feel displayed more cruelty to animals than this case,” he said to Gregor as he sentenced this waste of human life to 2-5 years in jail.

JakeGregor adopted one dog, a beautiful white shepherd, Jake (Logan), from the Hilton Head Humane Association, then told then that he was missing and attempted to adopt another. He had actually tortured, killed and buried that poor dog.

“He already knew the dog was dead and buried so when he called us that it was missing, it was obviously a lie but we went through the process of this is how you find a missing dog,” said Frannie Gerthoffer, executive director of the Hilton Head Humane Association. “Then after a week’s time he came to the shelter to adopt another dog since Logan never came back.”

Not ready to give up, he then went to Jasper Animal Rescue Mission. where he adopted another dog, Tag (Greta) which he also tortured, killed and buried.

Tag“Greta was just a sweet puppy, just wanted to be petted and loved,” said Mary Elise Gabbard, president of the Jasper Animal Rescue Mission.

He also abused his then girlfriend’s dog, a husky named Paddy on two separate occasions as well as the girlfriend when she attempted to intervene against his abuse.

I am not going to detail the abuses these poor dog’s suffered at this monster’s hands. You can find more details HERE as part of the original story I wrote.

Animal advocates in the court room were pleased that the judge took these vicious crimes with the seriousnes they needed to be taken.  This is one heatless bastard that needs to be behind bars!  Maybe he can get a taste of the same medicine he inflicted on those poor tortured and defenseless dogs he so wantonly and brutally killed! We can only hope….

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