Tortured Dog in PhillyOn Thursday in Philadelphia, PA, a pack of bullies, eight or so boys and young men found their sick amusement by torturing a 40-lb female, brindle boxer-mix. They doused her with accelerant, lit her on fire then proceeded to kick and beat the poor dog as she cowered in pain and fear. At least one distressed neighbor witnessing the torture called the police.

This horrendous incident took place about 4:30 in the afternoon on Hirst Street near Market.

By the time police arrived the boys had taken off. The dog stood trembling in a doorway whimpering in pain as neighbors tried to comfort her.

The dog, dubbed Y-Mee (Why me?) by rescuers, is recovering at SPCA’s shelter in Philadelphia from burns to her face, rear and left hind leg. She is on antibiotics to prevent infection and is under sedation to alleviate the pain. The doctors still need to evaluate her for internal injuries.

“This is one of the worst cases we’ve seen,” said Howard Nelson, chief executive officer of the Pennsylvania SCPA. “The severity of it, the use of an accelerant, the cooperative effort of a group – it’s all very alarming.”

Phillies second-baseman Chase Utley and his wife, Jennifer – an SPCA volunteer – have pledged to pay for the dog’s medical treatment and rehabilitation costs and Jennifer suggested a more fitting name for the abused and tortured dog – Etana. This is a name more befitting to a survivor, indicating spiritual strength and determination. Although Etana is most likely a stray, she is a sweet natured girl and even wagged her tail as she was examined, despite the pain she was in and the treatment inflicted upon her.

Lisa Rodgers, S.P.C.A. Director of Outreach, said, “She’s not an aggressive dog and it’s really strange that anyone would want to attack such a sweet animal, attack any animal for that matter.”

“It’s going to take a long time for her to come back, but she will and I hope that the most loving family in the world takes this dog because that is all that she needs,” said Utley.

Her recovery is expected to take about three months then she will go to a foster home and eventually to a well deserved and loving forever home.

The SPCA launched a ‘high profile’ investigation yesterday in an attempt to identify and locate the perpetrators of this horrifying crime. If caught, they could face felony charges that include jail time.

The SPCA is collecting money to offer a reward for tips leading to the arrest and conviction of Etana’s tormentors.

To report tips in Etana’s case or other animal abuse – or to donate reward money – call the SPCA at 215-426-6300.

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