One lucky dog survived two week being trapped in a snare, horrific injuries but a strong spirit and will to survive brought Joey home after pretty much everyone had given up on her.  The lesson that Shelly Criqui would like to be learned here is that if you’re a trapper and you’re going to set snares, take the responsibility to check your trap rather than to leave an animal, any animal, to suffer cruelly and heedlessly.

Needless to say, I don’t like trap and snares, they cause great suffering but when they are legal and set legally, there’s not a whole lot someone can do about them. But I agree with that people need to take responsibility. In many areas, more rural areas especially, dogs do roam and run loose. In this case, these two dogs, Casey and his mother Joey, didn’t “belong” to anyone but were cared for and loved.

Where I live in WI, in the rural areas, I see this all the time. Farm dogs, they are working dogs, they have shelter, warm barns, plenty of food but their job is to roam the farm and protect the livestock. They are not your pampered house dogs and most of the ones I have seen, are happy and healthy. We may not necessarily agree with this but this is what these dogs were bred for and you can trust me, these dogs would not be happy stuck in a house, they live to run and roam and work.

Should these dogs, or any dog, even an unlucky stray, be subject to the carelessness of an irresponsible trapper? This story has a “happy” ending, Joey will survive, but how many don’t? How many aren’t found until it’s far too late. There are kinds of traps which are not as “kind,” if you can even use that word, as snares, which do give an animal half a chance if found.

Maybe it’s time for some kind of legislation to force trappers to be more responsible. If is it going to remain legal to trap, what is wrong with instituting some guidelines? I can think of quite a few things but am going to stop here, I’m sure you’ll all have some ideas too, share them but remember, whether you like trapping or not, and I am sure you, as I, probably don’t, that in many areas it is completely legal and unless that can be changed, the changes need to address the responsibilty of the trapper.

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