Last week I wrote a story on dog the necessity of using dog vehicle restaints and not allowing a dog to ride in the back of a pickup truck. Then comes along a story that shows a perfect example of why using vehicle restraints on a dog are so important. Now here’s a sad example of exactly why you should never allow your dog to ride in the back of a pickup truck.

An individual dropped a dog off at a shelter saying that she had been thrown from the back of a pickup truck while still attached to a chain. The dog was dragged for several miles before anyone noticed!

The boxer was severely injured in the incident. The exhaust had burned her face and neck, she lost an ear and she may lose an eye.

The boxer, dubbed ‘Sweetie’, was taken in by Mooney’s Boxer Rescue to be cared for.

“She’s missing her ear, can hear. And then she has burns clear down her face and half of her neck. If we can’t save the eye, she’s missing an eyelid, and we’re gonna see if we can get the swelling down, and then maybe do a little surgery to see if we can save it, and if we can’t, then the eye is gonna have to come out,” says Lance Mooney

Sweetie is actually a very lucky dog considering.  Yes, she will be disfigured for life and her injuries may always cause problems for her, but she is alive.   She could just as easily had sustained fatal injuries or been hit or run over by another vehicle.

So please, you may think it’s fun for your dog to ride in the bed of a pickup or you may not have room in the cab, but think about poor Sweetie next time and what may have happened to her.   If you truly love your canine companion, think safety first! Either secure your dog safely in the cab using a dog restraint or leave him home.

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