Just the other day I wrote an article about using restraints on dogs in cars and why you really need to for everyone’s safety; driver, passengers, dog and other vehicles’ drivers and passengers.

Today I came across an article that is an example of exactly why restraints are so very necessary!  If the dog had been properly restrained, this accident would never have even happened!

Ashley Weakland of Smithfield said she and her boyfriend, Adam Brandt of Collier, were on their way to Ohiopyle State Park Friday to enjoy the sunny weather.

She was driving on Kentuck Road in Stewart Township just before noon when her dog, Carlos, lunged for an open window, she said.

Weakland said she immediately reached to try and grab the dog.

When she reached for the beagle-mix, Brandt grabbed for the steering wheel of the Ford Ranger to try and control the pickup truck, Weakland said.

The rest, she said, is just a blur.

The pickup overturned multiple times, causing Brandt to be thrown through the windshield, Weakland said, as she paced alongside the mangled truck following the accident trying to reach her family by cellular phone. (The Herald Standard)

The passenger, also not restrained, was thrown through the windshield and both driver and passenger sustained injuries and were taken for medical treatment.  Carlos, the dog, was also thrown from the vehicle and sustained undetermined injuries.

So please, care enough, if not for yourself, then for everyone else who could potentialy become victims, buckle up your dog!

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