Authorities recently found the horrendously tortured and mutilated body of what they believe to be a German Shepherd mix next to a Dumpster behind 423 Grand Ave., a building owned by a local animal advocate.

The poor dog, who no one knows to whom it belonged, suffered from a broken jaw, sliced Achilles tendons, cut off ears, tail and genitals and he had been skinned. The vicious monster(s) who did this did leave his eyes intact.

“The intentional torture and killing of this beautiful animal is an assault on the entire community, ” said Heather Ferguson, a member of the New Mexico Attorney General’s Animal Cruelty Task Force. “It violates our sense of decency and demands a response.”

The Las Vegas police along with Animal Protection are investigating the horrific crime and looking for any leads to find out who could commit such a depraved and cruel act upon an innocent and defenseless animal. There is a $7500 reward posted for information. They are also trying to find out who the owner of the dog was.

“The person or persons who intentionally mutilated this vulnerable dog are extremely dangerous,” Ferguson said.

Those who may have information on this act of cruelty are asked to call ACT on its toll-free hotline: (888) 260-2178. If callers prefer to remain anonymous, they may do so.

If you have any information, CALL! This is a crime of incredible cruelty and who can even imagine what someone who could do this could do.

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