Dogfighting suspects arrestedTwo dogs fighting, drugs and a gun was what police in Tallahassee found after they were called to Sand Dollar Lane on Saturday night. Three men (if you want to call them men), Melvin Moore, Shawn Washington and Lonnie Brantum, were arrested and charged with with dogfighting and possession of cocaine and marijuana with the intent to sell.

This kind of trash needs to be removed from the streets and from society. Do you actually think they will ever be productive members of society? These are the kinds of tough guys too many kids and teens look up to. Until our laws can keep this kind of trash locked away, kids are going to continue to glamorized guns and drugs and pitbulls and dogfighting and the “in” thing, the tough thing.

This is the kind of scum that is killing the “pitbull” and breeding violence in the streets. “We” allow it to continue because we sit back and figure the law will take care of it or it’s not where we live or it doesn’t affect us… WRONG!

Dogfighting is more than just dogs fighting, there is a whole sub-culture and if we don’t do whatever we can to smash in apart whenever, wherever it is, it will just continue to grow; the violence, the guns, the drugs. More and more innocents drawn into it every day, there are so many victims. If you don’t care about the dogs, think they are “just dogs,” look beyond them to the rest of the victims. Will it be your child, your brother, cousin, friend, next time?

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