Dogfighting VictimDogfighting, the cruel bloodsport that gained national attention with Michael Vick’s arrest and conviction has had only two hold out state where it was not a felony; Idaho and Wyoming. All the remaining 48 states have had felony charges on the books and many of those are even upping the stakes, making ever attending a dogfight a felony and the penalties are getting stiffer!

Earlier this month, Idaho passed a felony dogfighting bill that is waiting only on the governor’s signature to become law and now even more good news, Wyoming is stepping up to the plate!

A bill that would make dogfighting a felony has cleared the House and is on its way to the Senate.

The dogfighting bill in Wyoming cleared the state House 52-2 on Thursday. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Rosie Berger, R-Big Horn, said she expects the measure to do well in the Senate in part because of strong public support.

“We have had just terrific input from our citizens, making this such a high priority,” Berger said after the House vote. (Billings Gazette)

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