Pitbull Talbot County

More human trash taken down for the vicious and cruel crime of dogfighting and breeding and selling dogs to be involved in this cruel “bloodsport.”  Antonio Monds, 31, of Box Springs, GA, has been arrested and charged with one count of animal cruelty for each of the 36 dog that were seized from his property as well as charged with 5 counts of dogfighting. As of Friday, Monds was in the Talbot County Jail, being held on a $55,000 bond.

The seized dogs ranged in age from puppies to fully grown adult pitbulls. Many of the dogs showed recent as well as old fighting scars and injuries. The dogs were found staked out with three-foot logging chains, no food or water aside from rain water.

Atlanta Humane Society and the Georgia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were on the scene to rescue the dogs which were taken to an undisclosed facility where they will await their fate. Any dog that is adoptable will be adopted out, those that are deemed unadopted will, unfortunately, be euthanized. I tis reported that the dogs show typical fighting traits, aggressive with other dogs but fine with people.

“They may not be suitable to be around other animals but for humans they are fine,” SPCA executive director Joan Sammond said. “People get the notion that a pit bull is going to be aggressive toward people and animals, but that is not the case. Humans have to handle these animals. They want them aggressive toward other animals and that is what they train them to do.”

The raid took place after four months of investigation and surveillance by the security and private investigative firm of Norred & Associates of Atlanta. Norred And Associates, actually launched the investigation as part of a pro-bono dogfighting investigation around the state. They put together a tipline to report dogfighting. The number is 1-877-215-2250. Rewards of up to $5,000 are offered for hotline tips that lead to arrests and convictions.

Chuck Simmons, who heads Norred’s Special Operations, said, “We observed all the signs of dog fighting and inhumane neglect. Many of the dogs, which are badly scarred from the vicious blood sport, have been kept on 6′ to 9′ chains in the heat with apparently nothing more than rainwater in their bowls.”

“Some of them were emaciated, some of them were scarred,” said Simmons. “Some of them had old scarring that was not readily evident, but the vets identified some of the old scarring.”

Authorities believe that Monds also had accomplices so hopefully he will turn over and lead them to more of the vermin so they can clean streets, or probably more like the gutters, of more trash. Waste like this, who have no heart or conscience, who get their thrills from watching one living creature inflict pain and suffering on another do not belong in our civilized society! I’d like to see them all behind bars where they can spend their time with other human trash and vermin… and maybe some animal lovers too who will teach the cowards and bullies a little respect, the hard way!

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Raw Footage of the Raid

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