Imagine being a dog and your people move out and leave you and you wait… and wait… and wait… For three years you wait for them to come back refusing to believe that they could have abandoned you. That is the story of Chen, a chow in Gwinnett County, Atlanta, GA.

For years, neighbors saw Chen loitering outside of a Gwinnett County house. Often he was seen sleeping on the carport that he claimed as his home.

The house was empty. Chen’s owners were gone.
“He absolutely would not leave that house,” Lisa Renstrom of Chap’s Chow Rescue said. “In the middle of the day he would go run and get scraps of food. There was a Kroger and he would pull scraps out of the trash. He was waiting and waiting for his people to come home. The people on either side would throw rocks and try to chase him away. He would not leave.”
Lisa spent weeks feeding and coaxing Chen to accept her, then the search was on for a new forever home for Chen.
In Ohio, Ben Rupp has just lost his beloved canine companion of 13 years, a chow that looked so much like Chen.  Chen’s picture grabbed Ben’s heart and he was on a plane.Like a story out of a book, we find a man needing a dog to fill an emptiness after he lost his chow of 13 years and Chen, needing a home. A connection of love followed and for Chen, this would prove to be, after a lonely 3-year vigil, a happy ending…

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