An anonymous tip let deputies to the 1600 block of Mellon Way where they found the ‘mummified’ remains of two pugs locked in a bedroom. Deanna Ramono was arrested and her excuse for locking the two poor dogs in the bedroom without food and water for months? She had no time… she worked too much. What kind of a nutcase is this woman?? You can’t take care of your pets, you take them to a shelter if you can’t find a home for them. It’s not perfect but at least they have a chance!

The dogs died a cruel death, deputies said. There were claw marks at the doorway and damage to the window blinds where they tried to escape. There was no water in the room, and feces all over the floor.

Their owner, Deanna L. Ramono, 37, listed in sheriff’s records as a waitress at R.J. Gator’s, told deputies she could not take care of her dogs because “I work too much.”

Ramono ignored the smell of the rotting carcasses in her house for about three weeks, judging by the flies and larva collected in the room, deputies said.

“I was going to have someone help me clean it up this weekend,” Ramono told the deputy, according to sheriff’s reports.

She also told deputies that her roommate had helped her care for the dogs, but the roommate moved out two months ago.

That’s when she locked the dogs in the bedroom without water, she told investigators. She said she did not hear the dogs in the room.

“I tried to find them a home,” she said to a deputy, reports state. “I can’t take care of them. I work too much.”

The deputy went to the home, 1600 block Mellon Way, after a tip that the dogs were locked in the room and the smell was coming from that room.

Ramono, also known as Deena Sperber, was arrested on charges including cruelty to animals and confinement of animals without sufficient water. She remained in jail Monday without bail for a probation violation on an unrelated charge. (Herald Tribune)

What a sick, twisted and vicious woman!! How can anyone not hear the piteous whining and crying of starving dogs, not hear the scratching and clawing? How can someone live in the same how with the putrefying corpses? How can someone not feel any remorse or guilt for being the one to cause the death of innocent and defenseless dogs who relied and depended on them? This woman needs to be punished in the worst way! She has no heart or soul!

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