Now this is a scary story that luckily didn’t end as badly as it could have! Some Racine, WI residents thought their dog was playing with a toy gun in the backyard but upon investigation found what he was playing with was actually a real semiautomatic handgun.

One of the residents gently removed the gun from the dog by two fingers and took it into the house where he it fell and they found out that not only was it a real gun, but it was a loaded gun, it went off. Luckily the bullet ricocheted off the floor went into the ceiling, injuring no one.

Turns out Thursday night the police were chasing a 22 yr old felon on a probation charge in the neighborhood. They surmise that he tossed the loaded gun into the yard as he was running from police since around the time of the chase one of the residents thought she heard a thud as if something hit the house. She said she didn’t think anything of it at the time.

The police were called and recovered the gun. The 22 yr old, Sergio M. Pegues was eventually apprehended at his home.

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