For the second time in several weeks, dogs bodies have been found skinned and mutilated, this time in Fell Township, PA.

On the 9th of November, a woman saw the carcases of three animals brutally killed, skinned and dumped in Marsh Creek off Jenks Road, Eaton Township. She recognized them a dogs and they turned out to be a female and two puppies.

“All three of them were spayed and neutered, so we believe they were someone’s dogs,” Ms. Walter said. “All three dogs are of the same breed.”

This past Friday, the 16th, tow more dogs were discovered in Fell Township, discarded over a guardrail on Dundaff Street into a litter-strewn ravine.

Although there is no definite evidence that the two incidences are link, there are many similarities, almost too many to be coincidental. All dogs were identified to be Shelties, Shetland sheepdogs and all the dogs were skinned in the same manner.

“They’ve been ‘caped’ like a deer would be by a hunter,” Dr. Pannick said. “All of them were brutally killed.”

The dogs died from abdominal trauma, had fractured ribs, as well as surgical cuts and incisions, Dr. Pannick said. The second set of dogs also had puncture wounds and one of the first dogs’ brain was mutilated.

The second set of dogs, a male and female, were found by a DOT employee and the site is about 30 miles east from where a resident discovered the first three dogs in Marsh Creek off Jenks Road.

“There is no way to determine when they were skinned, but all three dogs were traumatized,” Humane Society of Lackawanna County Investigator Tina Walter said. “This is definitely the worst case of animal cruelty I’ve seen.”

The Humane Society is working in conjunction with the Wyoming County district attorney’s office in the investigation of these horrific crimes. They have no leads or information as of yet and Ms. Walter said animal cruelty cases like this are hard to solve because of scant information and limited forensics.

Said Trooper Satkowski: “With an investigation like this we rely an awful lot on community support.”

Someone must know something. All these dogs were reported as having been healthy prior to the killing and mutilation. there’s no way that 5 dogs, which most like were someone’s pets, can just disappear without anyone noticing. If you know something, please, contact the police or humane society. Whose pet will it be next?

Source – The Times

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