la-dogsMany areas of Louisiana have long been notorious for dogfighting and cockfighting and the law has often turned a blind eye. With recent awareness on these horrific bloodsports, it’s not so easy just to ignore it anymore but it seems some in law enforcement still do. In Livingston Parish, Paul Tuennerman was looking for his missing dog late last year and came across a horrific sight, a canal located off Highway 42, between Colyell and French Settlement that’s being used as a dumping ground for dead dogs. There are dozens of them, from skeletal remains, to obviously fresh carcases, many of them mutilated and tortured beyond belief.

This is where Tuenneman found his beloved missing dog, Sadie.

“Yesterday morning, we discovered this new batch of six dogs that are obviously tortured beyond belief. I have had enough,” Tuennerman said.

He’s been going back there every week, taking pictures of the site, documenting evidence. He contacted the Parish sheriff with no results.

Tuennerman says he’s called the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office and has even written emails directly to the sheriff. He says a deputy admitted there was a problem. “He said, ‘Yeah, they been grabbing them up and down 42,” Tuennerman said the deputy told him.

However, Tuennerman goes on to say that so far it’s the only response he’s gotten. “It’s like a layup. This is easy. I’ve given you everything you need to solve this, except for having solved it for you. What is the sheriff waiting for?”

Tuennerman says shortly after the interview, he received a couple of calls and even a visit from some sheriff’s detectives who were disgusted by what they saw. Sheriff’s detectives are canvassing the area, but have not found any evidence of dog fighting. (WAFB)

It took media coverage to finally galvanize the law to get involved in something they should have taken seriously from the start!

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And finally some investigation… wonder if anything will really be done or if there will just be a cursory “look-see” and then sweep it under the carpet?

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You have to wonder how many people have reported missing, lost or stolen dogs and just been blown off by officials.  This is evidence, graphic evidence, of horrific, heartless cruelty and no one seemed to care or even inclined to do anything until the media got involved!

There are some seriously dangerous people out there doing this and there is no way that people don’t know.  When the law turns a blind eye to such crimes, they are, in effect,  saying that it’s ok.  This has been going on for years!

And aside from the crimes, what about the danger of the dead animals and the rest of the trash and debris, it’s also seems to be a serious health hazard to me but several agencies are saying it’s not.  I know I wouldn’t want to live near there and neither do area residents now that they know what it is their midst.

After seeing what’s there, they want something done. “They need to do something. They can’t just leave those dogs in that canal.” The Department of Health and Hospitals tells 9-News there is no water hazard because there are no wells. The Department of Environmental Quality says the remains are not a hazardous waste so neither agency says they are responsible for the clean up. The sheriff’s department says they are investigating but they cannot pick up the mutilated animals. “Being out here in the country, there’s not much that – I mean the city and parish don’t tend to stuff out here like they tend to the city as much.”

We spoke with parish councilman Don Wheat Tuesday afternoon. The dog dumping site is in his district. He told us he was not familiar with the issue and would look into it. Wayne Martin, who’s of head of Livingston’s Department of Public Works says his office has not received any calls about the carcasses in the canal. He says his office would be responsible for cleaning the site — but not until they get a formal complaint.(WAFB)

Sounds like more “pass the buck” to me and not too many people seem to be really concerned about the dogs and who is killing, torturing and mutilating them.

The monsters doing this need to be caught! They need to be stopped!  When will people realize that when the officials you put into office aren’t getting the job done, it’s time to replace them.  Law officers are supposed to investigate, fight crime, find criminals and get them off the streets, not turn a blind eye and act like nothing is happening.  It shouldn’t take the media to blow the top off something so horrific to make something finally happen.

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