ReeseVineland, NJ – This pitbull-doberman mix, Reese, was the victim of a horrendous dragging this past weekend and authorities are seeking a “person of interest” that may be associated or have information in the case.

Witnesses reported seeing a green pickup truck with a camper on top dragging Reese behind it on Saturday night about 10 pm.  When authorities looked for the truck and dog, they were no where to be found but Reese turned up Sunday morning on a porch with a pink jump rope attached to her.  She suffered severe injuries and has already underwent one surgery with more painful and costly surgeries to follow.

The 19-year-old woman who had owned Reese for the past three years was forced to give her back to the man she got him from after she lost her home about two weeks ago.  She’s just devastated that something like this would happen to this sweet and beautiful dog that she loved and cared for.

“If I knew who it was, I’d be in a lot of trouble right now. I took her in, I took care of her, and for this to happen…I gave her away and two weeks later, she’s looking like this? No, that can’t be right. There’s something missing to the story that’s not being told.”

“I didn’t want to believe it, I couldn’t imagine somebody just taking a dog and dragging them down the road,” said Resse’s previous owner, “you just don’t do something like that, that’s horrible. That person needs to be drug down the road so they can know how she felt.”

Two men, Omar Davis, the original owner, and Kenneth Robinson, were both being sought after as persons of interest.  Davis who took possession of Reese about two weeks ago has stated that he did have her but that someone stole her from his yard Saturday night and he was away from home at another location.  Davis does not own a green pickup truck, the vehicle described by witnesses as the one to which Reese was dragged by. Authorities are still looking for Robinson who they believe may have had Reese in his custody.

“If this was a purposeful act, which it’s starting to look more and more like that, we would be charging them with a felony degree animal cruelty charges for torturing an animal,” said Bev Greco, Executive Director at the Cumberland county SPCA, “that includes jail time and fines.”

“The veterinarian has determined that she will require intensive burn care with daily debridement,” said Greco. “We are hoping that some of the larger veterinary centers in the area will offer their services to help her through her recovery.”

When Reese recovers she will be able to be adopted but it’s going to be a long tough road.

Anyone with information can call the SPCA at 691-1500 or the Vineland Police Department at 794-4000.

I’ve heard cases of dog draggings that are accidents. Personally it amazes me that someone could not know they tied a dog to their vehicle, how do you forget that? But it does happen sadly. As authorities believe this is looking less and less like an accident with no one coming forward. People who do this need to experience just a small measure of the pain they so cruelly and heartlessly inflict on innocent animals. Reese is lucky, she will recover although it will be a long and painful recovery. Hopefully the person responsible will be caught and prosecuted, there is no excuse for this!

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