Update 11/28/09 – Little Brown Dog’s Recovery – VIDEO

Little Brown DogJimmy LovellIt was just a week ago that Jimmy Lovell, 45, of Knoxville, TN dragged the little 17-lb. terrier mix dog behind his truck for miles, people screaming and running after him, telling him he was dragging a dog. When he finally did stop, he grabbed the little dog, yelled and cursed at the witnesses, people who were concerned for the dog’s safety, tossed the injured dog in the truck and took off.

“There was like 15, 20, 30 other people standing out there, just hollering at him, telling him, you’re dragging a dog, just running down the street, telling him, stop, and he never would stop,” said Ron Hurst, who witnessed the incident.

“It was bad, he had blood all over (her,)” Hurst said of the dog. “It was just laying there in the seat, wasn’t even moving, looked like it was dead.”

The dog was later found tossed and abandoned like trash on the road, near death, a trail of blood near the dog.

Lovell was tracked down and arrested, charged with felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals.

“The Little Brown Dog” as the injured terrier has been dubbed, was taken to UT’s College of Veterinary Medicine for treatment.

“Basically, (she has) skin wounds, ligament wounds, joint wounds and bone wounds on all four paws, but she also has a large wound over her sternum or over her breast bone that has been created in a similar manner,” Dr. Patricia Sura said. “Some of her bones have been sheared, so to speak, so they’re only half the width of what they once were because they’ve been ground down to that extent.”

LDB will most likely need skin grafts and it will be at least a month for those wounds to heal.

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As for Brown, he doesn’t want to talk about it without his lawyer present and says his lawyer won’t discuss it until after the case goes to trial but he did say that it was an accident, “I’m really sorry it happened. I feel bad about it and stuff.”

Y’know, that might be easier to believe if we didn’t have witness accounts of him refusing to stop his truck for some time and then when he finally did, cussing at people and just tossing the injured dog inside only to dump her on the side of the road shortly thereafter.

This is not someone with any heart or compassion and I can only hope, although I don;t hold my breath, that a judge will throw the book at this POS!! At least he was charged with a felony, guess we’ll have to see if that sticks or is just plea bargained down to the usual slap on the wrist.

Little Brown Dog has a long road to recovery but she has already stolen the hearts of the techs and doctors around her, one of them vowing that she would take her in a minute. She’s a strong little girl and is fighting. She should make a full recovery in time with care and love and patience and will have a chance to find a loving home where the pain she is going through will only be a distant memory, if that.

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