Firefighters Rescue Dog Stuck in Tree‘Lady’ is safe and sound today after her dramatic rescue last nite… from a tree!

Yup, that’s what I said, dog rescued from a tree. Now this sounds pretty funny right now but this was no laughing matter yesterday for the dog, her family or the firefighters involved. So we can chuckle now that everything is fine and the dog is okay. 🙂Dog Recovering After Rescue

Seems ‘Lady’ may have been chasing a critter, maybe a squirrel or bunny and she got her head very, very stuck in a tree. Her distraught owners called animal control for help and the fire department was dispatched to lend assistance. The first step in getting ‘Lady’ freed after looking over the situation was to tranquilize her.

To tranquilize “Lady”, Animal Care and Control had to get permission from her veterinarian, but, in this case, tranquilizing wasn’t enough. The Fort Wayne Fire Department responded, cutting out part of the tree to free her.

“Even in the beginning the dog’s tail was wagging whenever we were talking to her, she was very, very friendly,” says Rowe.

Still, there were concerns “Lady’s” stress and anxiety could cause her to attack, or cause other problems, “heat stroke, respiratory distress, and making sure she was still breathing adequately and that her heart was going well… those were things we were worried about because she was in distress,” says Rowe.

“Lady” didn’t suffer any injuries in the ordeal, and the tree lost just a little bit of wood that had to be cut away to help get her free. (

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