Skeleton of dog foundAfter a Buna, TX, woman delivered crystal meth to some undercover police officers, Jasper County officials went to search her home for drugs but they found much more than they anticipated.  Four chained dogs, starved and emaciated, no evidence of food or water and that was bad enough but what they found in the back yard defied explanation.  Four more dogs, dead, decomposed, skeletonized, still with collars around their necks attached to chains.

Starved dog found during drug raid“Well, this is about the cruelest thing you can do,” Sheriff Newman said. “I mean, these dogs were chained, didn’t have a chance to live. They were chained and starved and the carcasses were there with the collar still on them. I don’t know of anything worse that a human could do to an animal.”

There’s no clue when the dogs were last fed. The surviving dogs were not much more than skin covered skeletons. They were removed from the property and transferred to the Houston SPCA.

A 55-year-old man is facing animal cruelty charges while his girlfriend is facing drug charges. Both have been arrested. No names were given.

Y’know, I’ve pretty much gotten to a point that I don’t give a damn what people do to themselves but when what they do to themselves  causes suffering and torture to innocents, they need to pay a stiff price!  Problem is, they seldom ever do. Four dogs dead, four more starved, all suffered cruelly and needlessly at the hands of trash.  If not for the fact that the law was trying to crack down on drugs there would have been 8 dead dogs rather than just four, only timely luck saved their lives but what kind of a furture do they have?  Will they be nursed back to health and given a chance to find a safe and loving home or will they turn into more statistics, killed because no one cares enough, no one wants them?  Heartbreaking to contemplate.

And what about the trash that did this?  A slap on the wrist, as usual?

Drug Raid Find Dead and Starved Dogs

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