barrow409urgentpit1We wish we could save them all.  They all deserve love and a home.  Every now and then one will come along that will really touch someone for one reason or another and this is one of those times.  A dear friend asked me to show this poor baby and because she gives so much, I couldn’t turn her or him down.

This pitbull was dumped, injured and emaciated and he desperately needs help. Can you help or at least get the word out. We all know that bad rap pitbulls get and how hard it is to get them adopted. Georgia is a tough state to be a stray in, so many dogs and so many dogs killed.

This is the info from Michelle Beckemeyer, ACO at Barrow County Animal Control:

barrow409urgentpit3I have another sad case for you. This guy was dumped out on the road. He is very sweet with adults. He is extremely underweight, some type of skin infection, and a large wound on his left leg. He has no food aggression with people whatsoever. He really needs someone with some patience as he is very unsure about a lot of situations. He does like to ride in the car though. On the trip to the shelter, he fell asleep on the backseat and started snoring! He is not scheduled for tomorrow, but needs to go ASAP so he can get some care for his wound. Please pass on to everyone you can. He has a very pitiful puppy look about him that I just couldn’t capture on camera.

If you can help, contact Michele at the Barrow County Animal Shelter at 770-307-3012 or by email at

Please, spread the word.  Give this poor boy a chance!

Margaret, thank you for sending me the info on this boy, hopefully someone out there can help.

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