I found this letter in the Billings Gazette and it just hit home, really hard! The abuses that people inflict upon innocent animals never ceases to stun me and make me angry. It’s bad enough that too many people think that dogs and pets are disposable and dump them off at shelters without a thought, but to just dump them along the side of a road to a completely unknown and often beyond cruel fate is just something I cannot fathom!

I’ve heard stories about people “dumping” their dogs out in the country, which have always made me sad. Yet I quickly moved on because I couldn’t visualize such cruelty. There was no face. And, after all, it was just a story.

Today I actually saw someone dump their dog. They let their white shaggy dog out of their car and drove away. By the time I arrived at the “crime scene,” the car was gone and the dog was running east along the railroad tracks. Terrified, he wouldn’t stop as I yelled at him to come. I jumped in the car to try and head him off, but he disappeared. I spent an hour looking for him, but I never saw him again.

I don’t understand how anyone can just load their dog into their car and drop it off at a shelter, much less dump it out in the country. Dogs are our best friends, our loyal companions. They give us unconditional love. In return, we owe them their health, happiness and safety. Yet today, you put your dog in a situation where he may die a painful, lonely death. For some incomprehensible reason, you are incapable of caring about a living, breathing creature who adored you, even though you never deserved his adoration.

I saw what you did today. Unfortunately, I will never forget. Today there was a face. I just hope that someday you are held accountable for your deplorable act of cruelty.

I applaud the efforts that this person expended, so many people wouldn’t even do that.  I lament the fate the poor dog may have in store.  When will people ever understand that it’s not ‘just a dog,’ it’s a living, breathing, feeling creature.  It is our duty or protect and care for the innocent and defenseless and this dog most assuredly falls under that category!

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