Abandoned DogEight dogs and puppies found abandoned at an East Austin, Texas, without food or water, some little more than skin and bones, some tethered with only inches of slack, are slowly recovering at Town Lake Animal Center.

“Dogs and three neo-natal puppies and a few juveniles brought in,” said shelter veterinarian Linday Czisny.

Police also found two dead dogs, one just skeletal remains and the other in a cage.

This grisly discover was made when a woman called and said that her son had left dogs on her property and she didn’t want them there.

“Several dogs deceased, several dogs that were…in need of veterinary care, malnourished,” said APD Sgt. Richard Stresing.

Michael Kagan, 37, was charged with animal cruelty but that charge was upgraded to a felony due to the fact that he had two prior animal abuse convictions, one stemming from a 2003 dog fighting conviction.

Police surmise that these dogs, all pit bull or pit bull mixes, were trained or were going to being trained for fighting. All of the dogs were undernourished, some severely emaciated. One puppy had an open, maggot infested wound. Most of the dogs were infested with internal parasites. It’s not yet known if the dogs will be adoptable, that will have to be determined.

As for Kagan, he took off before the police showed up with two of the dogs in tow. Police are asking for help in finding him and bringing him into custody.

Source – KVUE

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