The town of East Haven, Connecticut brought a civil suit against Montes De Oca, 42, of 334 Foxon Road, on 37 counts of cruelty to animals, 37 counts of failure to vaccinate and 28 counts of failure to license a dog.

De Oca now must pay $66,600, calculated at $15 per dog per day from Feb. 7 to June 6. He was ordered to pay an additional $3,813 for the town’s veterinary expenses during that period for a total of $70,413. And the ownership of the dogs is now turned over to the town.

Arrested in February for allegedly running an illegal pit bull breeding operation, De Orca had kept dogs in crate piled on top of one another with no food and water, a shed contained three puppies, two of whom had abrasions on their heads also without food and water.

The dogs were deprived of proper care, food and medical attention

Noted by New Haven Superior Court Judge William Hadden Jr, “Several dogs were underweight, with their ribs showing. Many of the dogs were forced to lie in their own feces and urine. Multiple dogs had wounds or other medical conditions, with no indication they were being treated. One dog had a bloody tail that splashed blood when the dog waved it.”

East Haven Animal Control Officer Owen Little said Friday he is pleased by the lawsuit triumph and by the town’s aggressive legal actions. Ho also hopes that De Oca will not appeal the decision so that the dogs can offer the dogs up for adoption.

Criminal charges are still pending!

Sounds like this is one town that decided strong measures were necessary to make a point that they’re not going to put up with animal cruelty and abuse. Now if only more towns and cities would follow this lead maybe abusers would really take notice. For some people the hardest place you can hit them is in their wallet! East Haven, I applaud you for taking such a strong aggressive stand!!

What do you think about this? Do you think if more places followed suit it might actually make an impact?

Source – New Haven Register

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