Chouncey A. LoveIn early December, a 29-year-old Sheboygan man, Chouncey A. Love, tied a severely emaciated pitbull to a stake in an alley as 10 inches of snow dropped.  The dog weighed only 26 lbs, half of what she should have weighed, registering a 1 on a body scale of 1 to 9.  A healthy dog should be about a 4 or 5.

Well, this one is a winner for the pitbull because she did survive.  Luckily a neighbor saw him tying the dog out and it was rescued almost immediately. The dog, which could barely stand, was taken to the Sheboygan County Humane Society and nursed back to health.

Love, on the other hand, was charged with misdemeanor counts of intentionally abandoning an animal and bail jumping after pleading no contest as part of a plea agreement. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail and much pay $2,731 in restitution to the Humane Society.

Love’s defense? He said that the dog actually belonged to a friend that he hadn’t seen in months and he figured is he tied the dog out there someone would rescue it. Well, duh! The dog was so severely underweight that ti could barely stand and the weather was terrible! Oh, I’m sure he had only the best of intention for the dog. NOT! When asked why he didn’t take the dog to the Humane Society himself, Love told police he didn’t want to put the dog in his car.

“She basically just had skin draped over her skeleton,” Shelter Manager Carey Payne said. “There was no body fat on her, hardly any muscle on her.”

Although his sentence may not seem like much, he could have faced p to 27 months in jail if convicted of failure to provide proper food to confined animals, intentional abandonment of an animal and bail jumping, I’ve seen people who did much worse, unfortunately, with the end result usually death for the poor dog, get probation and a fine, so I am not complaining about this. And this time the dog did survive and will get a new home. All around, a good ending. Just glad there was a neighbor who wasn’t afraid to get involved or the ending could have been much different for the dog.

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