K-9 Dog Rocky and HandlerA police dog always gets his man and this is one would-be robber in Australia that was out of luck from the start. First he walks into a convenience store brandishing a knife only to have hot coffee thrown on him and was then chased out of the store and through the streets by the store owner, brandishing an even larger knife.

Then his luck got even worse and the story goes from fiasco to farcical. As the robber ran to evade the angry store owner he jumped a fence into a yard and ran right into Rocky.

Rocky is is 5 year old German Shepherd and a police dog. Uh oh, you can see where this is going.

Rocky took off after the hapless robber until he had him pinned against a fence as police showed up.

The responding officers didn’t know that Rocky was a K-9 and were yelling at him to “Go boy, go get him boy” as he gave chase. He was just following orders.

After police handcuffed the luckless guy and tossed him in the police car, Rocky jumped right in next to him to keep an eye on him.

Rocky’s handler, Neil Smith, a 17 year veteran dog squad officer, said that Rocky had been on vacation and was ready for some action and excitement. Rocky’s caught quite a number of ‘bad guys’ but never under quite these circumstance.

Smith added that if the robber had only jumped the fence one yard over all he would have faced was a little a Shitzhu named Harry.

“It’s uncanny, isn’t it,” he said. “Some blokes just have no luck.”

“He’s pretty territorial of his house and yard, he would have been defending me and the rest of the family,” he said.

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