Aixa Rodriguez Wilmer Fernandez

UPDATE 8/16/08 – And the Verdict is… GUILTY!! YES!!!

A nice house, expensive cars, a Cadillac and a Lexus, in the driveway, nice furniture in the house but 5 sickly, starving dogs. Doesn’t make much sense but that was the scene a a house in Carrollwood, FL.

Aixa Rodriguez and Wilmer Fernandez are now facing felony animal charges after deputies found the five dogs, one of them barely clinging to life at the home that the couple shared with several children.

Their excuse? They knew the dogs were sick and hungry but they just couldn’t afford to feed them.

Yeah, guess it cost plenty to pay for all that nice stuff they had, just nothing left over to feed starving animal. And they don’t look as if they missed too many meals themselves.

And not only are these scum animal abusers, they also have racked up domestic abuse charges as well.  Real pillars of society.  Wonder how those kids make out?  Hope social services is taking a look at them too.

Starved, sick dogs, 2 arrested and charged with felony abuse

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