Smoocher, paralysed dog

Smoocher, paralysed dog

Every day we hear horrible stories about what people do to other people, what people do to animals… it’s easy to lose faith in people, not so easy to restore it… but sometimes out of a sad situation will come an outpouring of human kindness that will renew your faith like a bright shiny new penny.  Take this story, yesterday Laura Wagner, a Richmond, CA, woman issued a plea after someone stole a specially designed wheelchair that was for Scoocher, a partially paralysed dog she cares for.

“He had just got done with his walk and I took him in the back to clean him up and someone swiped it. He loves everyone,” Wagner said affectionately of the pit bull mix. “It’s a customized cart and he can’t get around without it.”

Giving people the benefit of the doubt, Laura said she thinks someone may have just seen it on the sidewalk and, not really knowing what it was, took it to recycle or perhaps for a yard sale.  All she was asking was for its return.

Through today, the story hit social media and before the end of the day, dog lovers offered donations and wheelchairs for sweet Smoocher.  Such an outpouring of generosity and love… heartwarming and touching.

Laura Wagner posted on Facebook – I am the gal who’s caring for Smoocher, the Boxer whose wheelchair was stolen. We have received so many wonderful offers of donations and wheelchairs that I would like to ask you to please offer your donations to an animal rescue such as Muttville, Good Newz Pittie Pups, Rocket Dog, Grateful Dogs or your local shelter. This unfortunate incident has transformed into such a caring, generous outpouring of love and support I am crying tears of joy. Bless you everyone, and thank you from the bottom of my, and Smoocher’s, heart! He has been crying since it was taken and it looks like we have several offers of chairs and he might be rolling by this afternoon! Thank you everyone, and thank you KTVU, we are in complete awe…in fact, we are now going to meet a lady at Pt. Isabel who is donating her Boxer’s wheelchair [he passed last week, sadly] and KTVU will be doing a followup, stay tuned and never, EVER stop caring! With much love, Laura and Smoocher

Smoocher with Good Samaritan, Sandra Gordon

Smoocher with Good Samaritan, Sandra Gordon

And so, off she went to meet the Good Samaritan, Sandra Gordon, who just lost her beloved canine companion, Mason, to a degenerative disease similar to Smoocher’s last week

San Francisco resident Sandra Gordon said once she saw the story of Smoocher’s stolen chair on KTVU, she knew what she had to do.

“I saw it on TV and knew what I had to do,” she said. “This is what Mason would have wanted. I had a truly incredible dog and he continues to impact people’s lives,” she said.

Smoocher’s caretaker Laura Wagner and Gordon fitted the wheelchair to Smoocher, whose tail was waging mightily as he took his first steps. (source)

And so, a story that started tragic and sad, a story that could easily further erode someone’s faith in people, instead turned into a feel-good, heartwarming and touching story showing the good nature and generous spirit of people.

I just love a story with a happy ending… 🙂

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