aaron-millerOne Anderson County, KY man, Aaron Miller, is missing his best friend today. Someone claiming to be a dog warden showed up at his home, asked for paperwork which Miller didn’t have and proceeded to confiscate his Tasha, a brown and white pitbull. He hit her twice with a baton, loaded her into in the back of his white Dodge truck and took off.

“He asked me for my tags, insurance, and I didn’t have any of it,” says Miller.

But Anderson County Animal Control Officers say that man wasn’t one of them. Their vehicles are white Ford trucks with a distinct logo, and officers will carry badges.

It’s an incident now putting a neighborhood on alert. But Miller fears he won’t ever see Tasha again.

The suspect has been described as a medium build man. He was wearing a gray T-shirt and blue jeans, driving a white dodge truck. (WKYT)

Dog thefts have been on the rise for a while now, usually the smaller “pocket” type dogs and puppies but pitbulls are a draw for thieves and are too sadly used for bait dogs and dogfighting. Please beware, be careful of your furry friend! Never turn your dog over to someone you don’t know unless they have the proper ID and authority. Like Miller, I worry for the safety of Tasha… just sad! 🙁

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