Humberto Medina cannot believe what he found when his family returned from their vacation For one Arizona family, a fun vacation day trip turned into a day or horror, hurt and devastation when they returned home to find their beloved 6 month old puppy, Taco, chopped in half in their yard.

When Humberto Medina and his family to returned from their day at Knotts Berry Farm, he immediately started calling for their little Chihuahua, Taco. What he found when he looked out the kitchen window into his back yard was incomprehensible to him. His little puppy, chopped in half, dead.

“I was looking at him and it didn’t make sense to me,” Medina said of his initial reaction on Saturday afternoon. “I was shaking my head. No, this cannot be Taco.”

Police who were gathering evidence, are sure that this vicious attack was done by a person rather than another animal due to the manner in the way the dog was mutilated. Scraping blood samples, they’re hoping that the puppy may have bitten his attacker and that some of the blood belongs to that person.

“Pets are family for a lot of people, so we do our best for them,” Officer Bob Sunda said as he rolled the swab in the blood. The police taking the crime seriously for that reason and also because too often crimes of abuse to animals are just the first step into the escalation of crimes against people.

“Some people are just malicious,” Sunda said. “It can start with people being malicious to animals.”

The time of the vicious attack is a relatively narrow window. The family left in the morning after making sure the puppy had water and cover, his eldest son was watching the puppy for them. The returned about 3:30 in the afternoon to the gruesome discovery.

Although there are no suspects at this time, this crime is a Class 6 felony.

“I don’t know what kind of person could do this,” Humberto Medina said. He believe the crime may be racially motivated and this is not the first ‘attack’ against him and his family, although this is by far the worst.

Puppy Found Chopped in Half

UPDATE – 7/23/08

In a strange twist of events, even though it was originally reported that police were sure that this violence was done by a person, they’re now saying that it was done by an animal.  No speculation has been put for about what kind of an animal could cleanly cut a little dog in half. But that is what three vets are saying after looking at the pictures of the mutilated little dog.

Some people are guessing that is may have been a wolf, coyote, big cat or another dog but none of those seem too likely to me.  All of those would leave puncture wounds and another animal that was feeding would not leave the tiny dog there to be found, even if it were startled.  Others have said perhaps a hawk or large prey bird… perhaps.  At this point it doesn’t look like were will ever know who or what the real culprit was.  I do honestly hope that it was not a person.

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