There’s no question that I abhor puppy mills and dogs auction and those who run and participate.  Recently I did several articles on dog auctions, one of them Missouri Dog Auctions.  I came across some feedback on that article that I wanted to share so that you can get an idea of what a few people are saying.

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Dog auctions

My goal as a breeder is to provide a safe and loving environment for the pups that God entrusts to our care. Not all breeders are evil people who desire to harm these wonderful creatures as portrayed by The Star’s recent article.

Good breeders get unjustly berated when the media focus all of their attention on the bad breeder. Instead of pointing a finger at the inadequacies of a few, we should applaud the breeders who care enough to go to educational seminars and sell directly to families who want a high-quality pet to cuddle. Many breeders work tirelessly to save the little pup who won’t survive on its own, but no one ever hears about that because it is not “newsworthy.”

Let me assure you, federal and state guidelines are strict and inspections are not scheduled ahead of time. There is no denying there are breeders who need to be shut down. And there are equally crooked politicians who need to stop believing everything the animal-rights groups are alleging. Some of us deserve praise, not criticism. We all need to be judged on our own merits.

Judy Bower
Five Star Kennels
Trenton, Mo.

You know, it’s pretty sad that people don’t take the time to look at the breeders’ side of raising puppies. I feel like people are trying to say all Missouri breeders are puppy mills. That is just not true.

I am a breeder in Missouri, following all the laws and regulations, and let me tell you, I love and care for all my dogs and puppies.

I sell to some of the top pet stores around the United States and have high-quality dogs. I have bought and sold dogs at auction.

I have had friends who have adopted dogs to “do the right thing” who were not able to return the dogs when they would not behave. The shelters were rude to them about taking the animals back.

Liz Kuk
Caulfield, Mo.

Appalled, outraged, sickened and angry. These are just a few of the words I would use to describe my feelings when I read the article in The Kansas City Star on the unscrupulous puppy mills — yes, puppy mills throughout Missouri.

The recurring theme centered on the bottom line of money. Statements such as: “Ain’t nothing but money in the bank.” “She’ll do nothing but make you money.” “Are you going to abuse a dog you can sell for $200?” “You don’t abuse stuff you can make money out of.”

Sadly, the auctions are legal. According to the Humane Society of the United States, the auctions “are cruel because dogs are housed in metal cages for hours and sometimes denied food and water.” Jerry Eber, the head of Missouri’s kennel inspection program, said the auctions aren’t abusive and are seldom a problem. Mr. Eber goes on to say, “Whether you like it or not, dogs are essentially a consumer product.”

I believe dogs can — and should — be considered working animals, as well as members of the family. My final comment to Mr. Eber and the promoters and sellers at these auctions is: “Get a job, any job, just not one working with animals. You are dreadfully shameful.”

Rosie Boldridge
Overland Park

One point that I would like to make regarding these ‘reputable breeders’s’ comments is that reputable breeders do not sell to pet stores nor do they buy dogs from auctions.  Reputable breeders actually care about what happens to their puppies, who they go to.  Dogs sold at auctions often have a plethora of medical and social problems along with questionable pedigrees.  No reputable breeder would ever take a chance.  Reputable breeder breed for the good of the breed, to make it stronger and better, not just for the cash in puts in their pockets.

I have nothing against reputable breeders.  They have very high standards and do not look at their dogs and puppies as a ‘cash crop’.  They  care, they love their dogs, they guarantee their health and you can bet they carefully interview anyone interesting in one of their puppies to make sure they are going to the best home possible!

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