Pompano Beach RapistOne Pompano Beach woman was saved from a harrowing experience when her little Boston Terrier came to her rescue and chomped a would be rapist who took off after being bitten by the canine hero.

The 46-year-old woman had previously spoken to her landlord about a busted thermostat so when the man showed up at her door dressed like a repairman, in a uniform and cap, carrying a clipboard, telling her he was there to fix an appliance, she allowed him him.  That’s when the assault began.  The man pushed her down and attempted to rape her.

That’s when the woman’s feisty little Boston Terrier jumped into the fray and bite the attacker on the shoulder causing him to flee the apartment.

The woman was taken to the hospital, treated and released.  She managed to give the police a good description of her attacker; a white man with a tan, between 40 and 55 years old, about 6 feet tall and about 180 pounds. He has wavy brown and gray hair and very white teeth. The man spoke with an accent, possibly from the Boston/Rhode Island area.

The woman’s name and address were not released to protect her but from the description and picture, hopefully the would-be rapist will be captured and thanks to one little dog, the woman was saved from what would have been a brutal rape.

Way to go pooch!!

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