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Felony Abuse Charges for Horrifically Starved Boxer Puppy

Starved Boxer Puppy The image of this poor puppy has haunted me for a couple of days. I just cannot imagine anyone seeing any living creature in this condition and letting it continue to worsen, day after day.

Ryan McGuire, 21, of Chaffee MO, brought this 8 month-old boxer puppy to the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri on October 18. He said that eh was going through a divorce and could no longer take care of the dog. McGuire claimed that he’d last tried to feed the dog two days previously but it didn’t want to eat.

Shelter workers were horrified at the condition of the puppy, Requi M. Salter saying in 17 years of working animal abuse cases she’d never seen an animal in such appalling condition.

The puppy, who should have weighed about 40-lbs, weighed only 15.8 lbs. He was nothing but a skin covered skeleton, so weak that he couldn’t even lift his head left alone stand up.

“This dog was actually dying in our lobby,” Salter said.

In addition to being severely emaciated, the dog’s body was cover with pressure sores from lying in one place for an extended period of time. He also had a curved spine and a vet who examined his speculated that it was caused from being left in a too small crate for too long. The dog had impaired vision and convulsions and it’s stunted bone growth ans development told a story of its own. This dog, just a puppy, had been starved and malnourished for a long time.

“Starvation is a painful form of torture,” Salter wrote.

McGuire faces a felony charge of animal abuse as a result of torture and if convicted, he could face up to four years in prison.

The thought of what these animals go through, the horror and pain and isolation, the desperation they feel, day after day, just rips my heart out. No matter how many picture I force myself to look at, how many stories I write, I can never understand the total heartlessness of anyone that could allow a living, feeling, breathing creature to starve.

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