mckinney_christopherIn September, after 4 days of incessant barking, Greene County Animal Control seized 30 dogs from the Hookerton, NC property of Christopher McKinney, 35. Two more dogs were found at another location. Many of the dogs were without food, water or shelter, many cooped in cages, others tied down with heavy chains.

McKinney was facing 49 misdemeanor counts of various animal cruelty charges. Now McKinney is facing additional charges, one felony count of animal torture and three felony counts of dog fighting.

The seized dogs were taken to Wake County Animal Shelter and to date at least one has had to be euthanized.

Christopher McKinneyFour months ago when Greene County Animal Control officials were at the Oliver Drive property there were only 18 dogs and McKinney claimed that he was just raising the dogs. Officials found no serious problems, told McKinney a few things that needed to be changed and left.

After receiving calls from neighbors in September about the dogs’ incessant barking, the scene the official found was seriously deteriorated in the four months. There were many more dogs and quite a number of them in bad shape.

Some of the dogs were emaciated and weak, some were missing all their teeth, others showed evidence of scarring and there was also items typical of dogfighting found at the scene such as a treadmill, steroids and medications.

McKinney was initially arrested on arrested on 17 misdemeanor counts of restraining a dog in a cruel manner and 32 misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals and was was released on $12,500 unsecured bond. Now we can add the felony dogfighting and torture charges to those misdemeanors.

Looks like another “bad guy” taken down and very pleased to see that additional felony charged added.  Now I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the judicial system does with this.  Will it be another plea bargain and a slap on the wrist or will the heartless POS see some serious time behind bars?  I just can’t imagine any reason anyone could come up with to have 30 dogs, pitbulls, chained with heavy chains, starved, scarred and more on their property other than for dogfighting.  The way these dogs were kept is in no way indicative of pets.  Can’t wait to hear the excuses for this one!  Just lock him up and throw away the key!  Just another waste of life trying to profit off the pain and suffering of innocent dogs.  Wonder how many of them will be condemned to death because of McKinney’s actions?

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