This is outrageous!! A convicted puppy miller, Elvin L. High, of West Hempfield Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, who is currently facing new animal abuse charges is applying for a permit to operate a kennel. PLEASE! do not let this happen!

Below is the full story from NPPMWATCH -North Penn Puppy Mill Watch; there are contact name as well as when the hear will be. Get the word out!!


Elvin L. High, of West Hempfield Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has a shameful history of animal abuse beginning with a conviction in 2002.

Without ever obtaining a local permit from West Hempfield Township to legally operate a kennel at his Marietta Avenue address, Elvin L. High was found in serious violation of the state’s dog law regulations in April, 2007 when state dog wardens performed a routine inspection.

According to the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement, inspections conducted on April 03 and April 24, 2007 revealed extremely serious violations causing the Bureau to revoke High’s license and issue fines in excess of $1,600.00. along with Susan E. Lindt of The Lancaster Intelligencer Journal reported ‘Violations included dead and decaying mice found in food dishes, urine and feces built up in dog enclosures, no proof of rabies vaccination for 15 of more than 60 dogs housed at the kennels, kennels too small for the size of the dog, and poorly maintained kennels with sharp, broken wires and chewed wood. Dog warden Diane Buhl also ordered medical care for four of High’s dogs, including one with open sores and three others with leg issues.’

Things went from bad to worse for High once Humane Officer Keith Mohler was notified of the situation. Criminal charges were filed against High on behalf of the Lancaster Humane League after several dogs in need of immediate veterinary care were seized for treatment and High admitted to personally cropping the ears of several dogs – a surgical procedure only licensed veterinarians are permitted to perform in Pennsylvania. Worse, High had attempted to hide several dogs from authorities by placing them inside a tractor-trailer.

One dog, a Neapolitan Mastiff, had to be euthanized after he was seen paddling his front legs and moving his eyes in a circular motion thereby indicating a brain injury; the dog was emaciated and dehydrated and vets estimate that he had been in this condition for weeks.

Upon learning of the 2007 inspections and license revocation, West Hempfield Township realized High did not have the necessary zoning permit to be operating a kennel and issued a cease and desist notice.

Elvin L. High has now applied to the Township for a special exception variance to have a dog kennel on his property and will appear before the zoning board on October 9, 2007 – just two days prior to a pre-trial conference for the criminal charges still pending against him.


West Hempfield Township should not allow or issue any type of zoning permit or variance that would allow Elvin L. High to have a kennel on his property.

North Penn Puppy Mill Watch and United Against Puppy Mills are calling on animal advocates across Pennsylvania to please take a moment to politely call, fax or email the following individuals and express your concern regarding the Township’s handling of this request and your outrage at Mr. High’s audacity to ask for a special exception variance permit. 

Let them know that Mr. High’s previous animal abuse conviction and pending criminal charges for animal abuse are reason enough not to issue the local variance that would permit him to have a kennel. Furthermore, and pursuant to the State’s dog law regulations, High will never again be permitted to hold a state issued kennel license as the Bureau prohibits licensing individuals convicted of animal abuse.
Remind officials that not only was High illegally operating his kennel for years without the required local permissions, he attempted to hide dogs from the Humane Officer by placing them in a trailer. Additionally, High’s current dog complement is in direct violation of Lancaster County’s zoning code that states only 3 dogs are permitted in a residential/non-agricultural setting per Section 701.21(E). 

The ONLY reason Mr. High is currently not in violation of the cease and desist order, and not cited for having more than three dogs, is due to his pending application to the Township’s zoning board.  Information for attending the actual hearing may be found at the bottom of this ALERT.

Please feel free to distribute this ACTION ALERT to all animal advocacy email lists, groups and bulletin boards.

Thank you for caring about Pennsylvania’s dogs!

Kindly and politely contact: 

Charles E. Douts, Jr.
Township Manager
West Hempfield Township
3401 Marietta Avenue
Lancaster  PA  17601
PHONE: 717-285-5554  ext 138
FAX:  717-285-2879

Edward C. Hinkle
Zoning Officer
West Hempfield Township
3401 Marietta Avenue
Lancaster  PA  17601
PHONE: 717-285-5554  ext 125
FAX:  717-285-2879

Dick Shellenberger
Chairman, Lancaster County Commissioners
50 North Duke Street
P.O. Box 83480
Lancaster  PA  17608-3480
Phone: 717-299-8282
FAX:  717-299-7210

David M. Dunmeyer
Chairman, Township Board of Supervisors
1665 W Silver Spring Road
Landisville  PA  17538

Representative David S. Hickernell
222 South Market Street
Suite 103
Elizabethtown  PA  17022
Phone: 717-367-5525
FAX:  717-367-6425

Senator Mike Brubaker
301 E. Main Street
Lititz, PA  17543
Phone: 717-627-0036
FAX: 717-627-1389


To be held OCTOBER 9, 2007 at the West Hempfield Township Municipal Building,
3401 Marietta Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17601. 

Elvin High’s hearing is scheduled for 7:30 P.M.

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