CrystalIt always touches me when I see public servants, police, firefighters, ect. go that extra mile to save or rescue a beloved pet.  This was the case in Pasadena, CA, when a 13 yr-old deaf Chow found herself trapped in an underground septic tank.

Crystal fell in the old, unused septic tank yesterday after rains had washed away the cover and the owner didn’t realize it.  When the owner returned home, she heard her beloved pooch but didn’t see her.  It didn’t take long to figure out where she was and what happened and a call for assistance brought out the big guys.

Firefighters with the department’s urban search and rescue team brought in equipment to open the hole up so someone could get in there and rescue Crystal. Armed with a treat, one of the firefighters made his way down and a short time later he was back topside with a clearly exhausted dog.

Crystal was taken to the vet and she may have serious injuries but she is alive. Her grateful owner has transferred her somewhere so that she can get treatment.

Kudos to the Pasadena FD! Thanks for going the extra distance and seeing that this beloved family pet was more than ‘just a dog.’

Dog Rescued from Septic Tank

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