Tsunami - blind dog rescuedDon’t let anyone tell Tsunami that she’s too old or ill to still get into mischief!  At 13 1/2 years old, blind, hard of hearing and with cancer and arthritis, you’d think this old Lab would be content to laze around her comfy home, not wander and find trouble but that’s just what this Lincoln Park, NJ pooch did last Tuesday.

Tsunami was wandering around her yard when she must have been startled by something and ran off, stumbling off a cliff into a ravine in a wooded area not far from her home.  Her owners searched frantically for her all afternoon until finally they heard a yelp leading them to the stranded pooch.

“She was stuck in a bramble bush, surrounded by a log and two rocks, and slid down about 10 or 15 feet,” said her owner Linda Patel.

And now thanks to the wonderful volunteer firefighters of Lincoln Park Fire Dept., Tsunami is home, safe and sound where she belongs.

[V]olunteer firefighters used rops and a basket and propelled down the side of the cliff to rescue Tsunami.

Using a stokes basket, they were able to secure the dog inside and hoist her to safety.

“We were afraid that the dog once it got in the stokes would get loose or jump out, but this dog was very laid back, very calm and cooperative with us,” said Capt Nick Cifelli of the Lincoln Park Fire Dept. (source)

So a big thank you to the wonderful volunteers of the Lincoln Park Fire Dept. who went over and above and recognized that a dog isn’t “just a dog” but is a beloved furry family member!

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