One of the live rescued puppies Someone beat 5 puppies in the head, possibly with a hammer, dumped them in an empty dog food bag and left them for garbage pickup at a residence along Alabama Highway 278 near the Blount County line. Only by sheer luck they were discovered and even this discovery was sad and gruesome.

“If one of the puppies hadn’t been whining, he probably wouldn’t have known they were in there and just tossed them in the back of the truck to be compacted,” Sanitation Manager Mike Burleson said.

Sanitation worker, Jamie James, rescued the puppies and when she removed the tiny babies from the bag they were covered in blood and two of the five were dead. She washed them off and gave them some milk.

“They had been knocked in the head with something like a hammer, I guess to kill them,” James said. “They were so bloody. … We gave them baths and some milk.”

Cullman County Sheriff’s Department and Animal Control were called by the sanitation department and a report of the incident was filed. James said they also called Cullman veterinarian Bruce Lee, who volunteered to examine the three dogs.

“It’s awful,” she said. “We see animals left out with the garbage a lot, but this is the first time we’ve found some that are injured. Usually, the dogs are fine.”

According to the Code of Alabama, a person is guilty of animal cruelty if he or she killed or injured an animal without good cause. In Alabama, animal cruelty is a Class B misdemeanor.

Source – Cullman Times

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