Main Line Vick AdSince Michael Vick, dog killer and convicted felon was reinstated to the NFL and signed by the Eagles, peoples’ reactions have ranged from anger and outrage to the “get over it” and “he’s paid his dues” attitudes.  Many people want to just forget and move on and even now the outrage is dying down as time passes.  I say, DO NOT FORGET!!

Sure, I wish I’d never heard of him but I am not going to let time make me forget what he’s done, the pain he’s caused, the punishment he’s never received for the cruelty and abuse he wantonly inflicted on innocents.

And now that Goodell has cleared Vick to play in the third game of the season we must not abandon our efforts.

There are efforts to keep the pressure on;

Sept 13 Protest Rallies

There are a series of rallies on Sept 13 at least nationwide.  I’m later than I like to be getting this info out but hopefully many of you are already familiar with it.  You can find out more HERE.  Look to the top left and there’s a link about the rallies, when, where, coordinators, etc. Lots of other info on the site as well, take some time to check it out.

Five Sacks for Every Sack

Now this you just gotta love!  Main Line Animal Rescue is putting their money where their mouth is, they took out an ad in the Washing Post pledging 5 bads of dog food for every Michael Vick sack during the October 26 Redskins-Eagles game.  Needless to say this has gotten alot of attention and obviously not all of it good especially from the “he’s paid his dues” crowd.  Personally I love it!

“I think we’re all getting tired of the ‘Does he deserve a second chance?’ kind of thing,” said Bill Smith, founder and CEO of the shelter, which is near Valley Forge. “… Maybe it’s about time that the million pit bulls euthanized every year got their second chance.”

“It’s such a misunderstood breed. … They’re great dogs,” he said, adding they’ve gotten a terrible stigma “because of people like Michael Vick.”

The ad’s main aim is to bring attention back to the needs of dogs, he said.

“I think we just need to raise public awareness and this is a good way to do that,” he said.

“It may be funny. It may be clever. It may not,” he said. (

Smith doesn’t even deny that they’re capitalizing on Vick’s name and crime but Main Line is out there in the trenches, rescuing, saving dogs every day. They’re not sitting in their gilded cage like some others just raking it in and spouting the words and lining up for the media attention.

They’re also planning ads in other cities that the Eagles will be playing.  And if Vick doesn’t get sacked?  Well, there is still going to be donations of food to local shelters, Smith say.

“Smith, skeptical of Vicks’ newfound concern for pets, said that “if he had any sense of humor all” and really wanted to help dogs, he could stand on the field before the Oct. 26 game and let players tackle him, so even more dogs will get fed.

“He should thank us” for the opportunity, he said.”

Love it!!!

Are the Eagle Trying to Look Good?

Looks to me like the Eagles are trying to look good after doing the reprehensible, signing Michael Vick.  They just came out with an animal advocacy plan to help combat the rampant animal abuse in Philadelphia.  Some animal advocates are praising it, some are looking at it as just “tossing the dog a bone” if you’ll excuse the pun.

Team president Joe Banner pledged at the time to invest resources in animal-welfare efforts. He has held two meetings with area shelters and rescue organizations to find ways the Eagles could help combat dogfighting and prevent animal abuse.

Eagles spokeswoman Pamela Browner-Crawley declined to comment.

According to the document, the team will begin implementation of its plan with the start of the regular season Sunday.

Among the plan’s highlights:

Dispatching Eagles players and cheerleaders to schools and community events.

Making Eagles team members and others available to animal-welfare groups for fund-raising events.

Printing trading cards featuring members of the Eagles and their pets.

Outfitting and deploying a community animal-care van, tentatively named the Pet Mobile, to at-risk areas.

Providing grant funding to animal-welfare groups.

Launching public-service campaigns focusing on spay/neuter programs and urging people to report animal cruelty. (

Sure, some of the ideas are good, others just media attention grabbers but none of it will lessen or take away from what they’ve done, accepting a killer into their midsts!

Michael Vick Is Already Having an Influence in Philly!

For all those who think that Michael Vick can have an influence, well, you’re right!  He’s already having one helluva influence.

If your mind still forms the argument of “We all make mistakes” , perhaps you will feel differently knowing that children are sporting dog masks to football games mocking the dead victims of his crimes. Laughing, joking, making fun, in support of their great American idol with their parents right behind them screaming “To hell with dogs, we love Vick”.

How about a standing ovation? How many killers and convicted felons get that? Well, he did. You think those people who stood and applauded cared about his vicious, cruel crimes? Do you think they care about the dogs he tortured and killed? Or do you think they were seeing a “Hero?” Yeah, he’s a great hero and someone for children to look up to!

vickmuralHow about this lovely bit of graffiti that showed up on the side of a store? Yeah, Vick’s having a helluva influence in Philly already!

And then there’s the Ohio State quarterback that played the game this past weekend with black eye stripes…. nothing unusal about that except that under one eye was the name “Mike” and the other was “Vick.”  Oh, guess Terrelle Pryor is yet another supporter of Michael Vick, someone else who looks up to a dog killer and convicted felon.

Vick’s Testimonial

That’s what Michael Vick called it, his latest speech to a group of freshman at Nueva Esperanza Academy on Tuesday. You can watch the video of his “testimonial” and see what you think. Do you see sincerity? Do you see him really taking responsibilty for he did? No! He’s still sloughing off the blame, claiming influence by others and cultural norms!

Get the Flash Player to see this content.

And you know what these kids see? These kids see a guy who came from no where and got to the top, and that wasn’t enough for him, it didn’t satisfy his sadistic side enough so he got into dogfighting. He bought a property specifically for it, brought in a couple friends and bankrolled the “bloodsport.” Sure, he got caught, he went to prison for 18 months, which is a cakewalk for many and now he out and already back in the game, slated to make millions. Wow, big deal!! Helluva deterrent isn’t it? NOT! What they see is someone who got away with murder, someone still to emulate with a few changes like not to get caught.

A friend wrote a “SNL Skit” on Vick’s mentoring, sort of a bit of black humor laced with probably reality; funny, scary, sad:

Vick and Mentoring Youths

Enter scene: young lout struts into group of other young louts, in background lots of unpleasant noise can be heard that any idiot can tell is dog fighting and more louts cheering them on

One of the louts in the group: “Hey man, where you been??? We thought you weren’t going to show… man you have missed some action.”

Single lout who arrived late: “Hey man, I been down at the (fill in the blanK) listen’n to my man VICK…. Boy I really learn’d good stuff ya’ll need to hear.”

Other lout: “Hey man, what’s that, that VICK he sure is cool, I’m gonna’ be a big foot ball player like him and make me so real dough.”

Single Lout: “Well man, Vick say, he say that dog fighting aint’t so cool, like you know, you gott’a love your dawg an’all… and well that fightin’… well man you gotta’ know that figtin’ can be a mess a trouble… like you know jail and all that… and then man, well when ya’ get out, well it takes like a coupla years to get back and make that big money again… so’s before we fight we had better think……”

Second lout: “Yeaeh I knows man, I sure do love my dog, and best be not goin’ to jail or nuttin’…….so’s next week…..were gonna fight in a moving truck…..

Other lout: “Hey man great ideal, my man Vick, he didn’ even think of that! Hey man, that’s your dawg whose winning’…!”

(scene fades as they all turn to watch the fight with appropriate sound affects)

Can you see this happening, really imagine and see it? Not so funny is it? A bit too close to reality ya think? Scary!

Now I want to ask you, are you just sitting back angry and bitching or have you taken action and actually done something?  Made calls, written letters and email, spoken with other people.  Are you boycotting the sponsors of the Eagles?

All the protesting and calls and emails are great, lets them know we haven’t forgotten, raises awareness, helps to spread the word but one thing we cannot forget is that to really make an impression, from my point of view, is to hit them where it counts the most for them, in their wallets!!

You can find plenty of links and info  here – And the BS Train Rolls On, Talking Micheal Vick, Convicted Felon, Dog Killer – VIDEOS – Call to Action!!

And like former N.J. Senator Robert Torricelli says, fans should openly root against the Philadelphia Eagles because their newest addition, convicted dogfighter Michael Vick, is a sociopathic, depraved killer and a poor role model for society. Not only that, the Torch says fans should “watch every company that advertises during Eagles games and refuse to buy their products.”

Do Not Forget!! Michael Vick deserves the same second chance he offered his victims – none!

All FTLTD’s past coverage on Michael Vick dating back to April 2007 – HERE

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