TN Puppy MIll Raid150 Dogs and Puppies Prepare to Start Their New Life!

In the largest puppy mill raid in TN history, a total of 682 dogs, 25 cats, 23 horses, four parrots and 13 chickens were seized from Pine Bluff Kennels on Ed Lyell Road in Hickman County. Twelve animals were found dead on the property.

The mostly small purebred dogs lived their entire lives stuffed into small cages, many crammed together, no exercise and often very little to eat or drink. Some were found sharing their cages with dead dogs or puppies. The first piece of good news about them since their rescue is that most of them are adoptable!

But that’s all changing now! The dogs have been removed from this life of cruelty and neglect, a life or breeding over and over again until their little bodies are completely used up.

Yesterday, for 150 of the dogs, breeds including poodles sharpies, miniature dobermans and other small dogs, their new life began at the Atlanta Humane Society.

“It’s the first time they’ve been in air conditioning. We’re going to make it cool and quiet and start the vetting process tomorrow,” Humane Society President Carl Leveridge said. Leveridge saw first hand the horrors of this puppy mill as he lent a hand in the Hickman County rescue.

“It’s just like an assembly line,” he said. “Breed and have puppies. Breed and have puppies. It’s a sad situation.”

Most of the dogs have a surprisingly good temperament given their lack of socialization and after being spayed and neutered, cleaned up and some TLC, they will have a chance at finding the love of a family and a forever home come Tuesday when the Atlanta Humane Society will open adoption for them.

“Amazingly enough they are very nice. You would think they might be standoffish or shy since they have been caged with little human contact but it seems like they really want human affection,” he said.

This is just the beginning of the happy ending for most of these dogs who up until now have lived a life of hell!

Tennesse Puppy Mill Dogs Arrive in Atlanta

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