Wallace Havens, former owner of Puppy Haven

Wallace Havens, former owner of Puppy Haven, one of the largest puppy mills in Wisconsin

As the Wisconsin Humane Society works to remove dogs from one of the largest puppy mills in WI, Puppy Haven in Green Lake County, Wallace Havens, the man who owned Puppy Haven speaks out and defends his practices.

He thinks there’s nothing wrong with having over a thousand dogs crammed into dirty cages and runs, overbred and completely unsocialized.

Mick Trevey: “The Humane Society says this is not the way to raise dogs.”

“Well I disagree with that. I think this is the very best way to raise dogs,” Havens said.

Trevey talked to Havens about federal inspection reports of his property, showing things like frigid winter temperatures where dogs are kept and a dog tangled up on wire.

“Anytime there is a loose wire, that’s wire protruding and they’ll write it up,” Havens said.

Trevey: “But this they say a dog was tangled in it.”

“OK, once in a while, there’s a dog, I’m sure once in a while there’s a dog gets tangled in the wire. That happens,” Havens said.

Trevey: “And you’re OK with that?”

“Well I don’t like it but once in a great while, it happens,” Havens said.

“Of course, I look at things different than the Humane Society looks at them. Of course. I understand that and they do too,” Havens said.

Monday, Havens stood by the way he did business at the biggest puppy mill in the state.

Trevey: “Did your operation just get too big for you to control all the details?”

“No it didn’t get too big, certainly not,” Havens said. (Today’s TMJ4)

How sad, how very sad that anyone could look at these poor dogs and think that it’s in anyway an acceptable way to treat them.

Puppy Haven\’s former owner, Wallace Havens speaks out

Read the FAQs about the Wisconsin Humane Society’s take over of Puppy Haven, HERE.

On an interesting sidenote, not only did Wallace Havens run one of the largest puppy mills, he also ran 4 children’s daycare centers! His children now run them but they are still in the family. In the past they have been plagued by fines and citations.

The child care centers are called Play Haven and they’ve drawn the attention of state inspectors and a local child care watchdog group.

At the East Towne location, Play Haven has been fined three times in the last couple years for various problems. They’ve been cited for violations on more than 30 occasions during the same time period.

Those violations included not changing diapers quickly enough, not allowing infants and toddlers enough outdoor playtime and not having enough staff to supervise. (Today’s TMJ4)

Needless to say, parents were stunned. They had no idea about the link to the puppy mill nor did they know about the violations concerning the daycare.

Although Play Haven centers haven’t had any problems for a couple of months, some parents, who had harbored concerns already, have said they may remove their children while others have praise for the daycare centers.

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