Here are a few updates on some cases we’ve reported.   There has been a lot of activity in the news with stuff we’ve been following.  I’ve got a whole bunch for the next Justice Round-Up.  But some of these are too important (and rather…entertaining) to wait for a decision and sentencing.

Heather O’Kelley

See this photo?  This is Heather O’Kelley yelling “Get out of my face or I will hurt you”.  Nice, huh?  O’Kelley pleaded not guilty today in court without a lawyer.  She’s accused of neglecting and starving Sadie, a Labrador mix that was initially adopted by Caitlin and Danny Snow from New Hope Alliance.  If want to enjoy her entire hissy fit, view the KFOX TV news video HERE.

I may have hinted that Heather fell out of the Stupid Tree, but showing up in court to address criminal charges without a lawyer just seals it.  In the legal world, doing that means Go Straight to Jail.  Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect 200 Dollars. 

And she’s still blaming Caitlin and Danny Snow for abandoning Sadie and pointing the finger to her.  Ok, let us take a look at Caitlin and Danny Snow.  

Danny Snow is currently in the Army and is a Tanker 19K.  And Caitlin is your run of the mill Army wife.  Check out Danny Snow’s Myspace and Mrs. Snow’s Myspace.

Caitlin and Danny Snow

Those two are not home free.  Depending on the outcome of Heather O’Kelley’s case, the Snows could be charged with Animal Cruelty.   So if the courts decide to believe O’Kelley, Danny Snow and his “little dumpling” had better pay attention.  The law is looking in their direction. 

Kimberly Nizato

There have been a couple of court hearings so far for Nizato, and now there will be another one on September 14.  Kimberly Nizato is accused of neglecting and starving her GSD Bosco, now known as Courage. 

Apparently the Good Samaritan who had wished to remain anonymous stepped forward and gave her testimony on July 12.  Lisa Whiseant is a receptionist at an Orange County Animal Hospital where Nizato once worked.  Lisa Whiseant was contacted by Kristen Nizato Leavenworth that Courage had been neglected and emaciated, but was getting better.  You read that right.  Kristen Nizato Leavenworth.  Kimberly’s own sister turned her in.  Between emails and phone calls it was decided Whiseant would take the dog.  When she arrived at the Nizato residence, the dog’s condition was so bad Lisa Whiseant drove him straight to an animal hospital for emergency treatment.

I can’t understand the “getting better” part.  Have you seen the pictures of Courage when he first arrived at the animal hospital?  People who saw him thought he was dead.

Courage is now 85 pounds and is happy, vibrant, alert, and loving life.  He still needs close veterinary monitoring to make sure he completely recovers, but look at this beautiful boy now!

Eric Skowron and Alisha Marie King

Dumb and Dumber showed up for their arraignment on July 16 walking a gauntlet of protesters.  The two of them lured a sweet, harmless, loveable lug of a dog named Tyson to their home and shot him.  They were caught taking him from his yard by a neighbor’s security camera.  Both pleaded Not Guilty. 

Eric Skowron is charged with animal torture, killing or injuring animals, firearms discharge, making a false police report, petty theft, endangering, and criminal trespass.  He is also ordered to stay away from Tyson’s owners, and was ordered to relinquish his guns.  And that’s not all.  Skowron was fired from his job at the Fermi 2 Power Plant.

Alisha King faces charges of animal torture, killing or injuring animals, petty theft, and criminal trespass.

Their next court date is September 14.

Tyson had his surgery earlier this week.  His bad eye was removed and the veterinarian found a small fracture in his nasal bone that he suspects has caused Tyson some nasal discharge problems and a related ear infection.  The excised slug will be kept as evidence against Skowron and King.

Lawrence Mick and Adam Collins 

Lawrence Mick

They took turns shooting Sarge, Mick’s dog, as he howled in terror while he was in a cage.

Lawrence Mick appeared in court on July 20 and pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges.  He emphatically stated that it was his friend, Adam Collins who shot Sarge.  And Adam Collins emphatically stated that it was Lawrence Mick that shot Sarge.  Doesn’t surprise me one bit.  Creeps like these two will turn on their friends in a heartbeat. 

Lawrence Mick has a drug conviction and is prohibited from using a firearm.  He has been charged with a third-degree felony for allegedly using the weapon. If convicted, he could be sentenced to one to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.   His other charges are obstructing official business, discharging a firearm, inducing panic, and cruelty to animals.  These are misdemeanors for which he can be sentenced to no more than six months in prison and a $1,000 fine for each conviction.  His next court appearance is August 2. 

Adam Collins already pleaded no contest and was found guilty of cruelty to animals, inducing panic, giving false information to a police officer, and discharging a firearm. He was released on his own recognizance. 

Sarge’s future is uncertain.  He started being aggressive at the Lucas County Dog Pound.  Mick relinquished ownership and Sarge is now with the Toledo Area Humane Society.   Unfortunately, Sarge has demonstrated unprovoked and unpredictable aggressive behavior.  He will not be adopted to the public.  Their vet determined his aggression is not a result of any medical issue.  The Humane Society is still evaluating whether he is a candidate for transfer to a rescue or sanctuary and they are in contact with a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist from The Ohio State University to help make the best decision for his future.  

In a news interview, Mick’s girlfriend commented on his arrest.  “Mick is getting a raw deal here”.  No dearie, the one who got the raw deal was Sarge.

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