Apachee, recovering from eating a fork Now I’ve heard of dogs eating all kinds of things from socks and underwear to rock and sticks, from Superbowl Tickets to Sports Cards (ok, so the dogs in question just chewed the tickets and cards) and a whole lot more…. but a fork?? This is truly a new one for me!

This beauty here is Apachee, a ten year old husky, and sometime earlier this month he must have gotten a taste for something a little different. His owners figure he snagged the fork out of the sink when no one was looking and just swallowed it down.

It wasn’t too long before his appetite started to decline, he started to cough and then he just collapsed.X-ray of fork in Apachee's chest

Rushed to the vet, it didn’t take doctors long to figure out the problem. An x-ray showed the fork had lodged in Apachee’s chest cavity and pierced a vein, releasing blood to surround his lungs.

After multiple transfusions and surgery to removed the fork, Apachee is expected to make a full recovery.

Dr. Gary Spodnick at Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Carolinas in Cary, led the surgical team that patched Apachee’s pierced vein and removed the eating utensil.

Have a feeling Apachee’s owners will keep a closer eye on him but hopefully this has tempered his appetite for the unusual. Luckily, this will be something that everyone can laugh about in the future. 🙂

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