In 2009, MAS came under fire for horrendous conditions that were unveiled at the shelter including dead and dying dogs.  Despite the public outrage, to date, very little has really changed.  Oh, there’s been a few indictments and convictions but conditions are still horrendous no matter how much outrage, how many people highlight the horrors.  It’s easy to cover up and minimize when its only animals….

Well, one of the persons named in the initial investigation, Dr. Angela Middleton, shelter vet at the time, is now on trial and charged with six counts of cruelty to animals, charges that could result in one to six years in prison.

Jurors saw pictures of several dogs, one adult and two puppies, when they arrived at the shelter in August, then they were shown pictures of the same dogs in September.  Two of the dogs were dead in their cages and one puppy was so emaciated that it had to be euthanized.



This picture was taken when the 6-month-old puppy was admitted
to the shelter on August 18 as part of an animal cruelty investigation.


This picture of the same puppy was taken just two weeks later.
The puppy died on September 4, starved to death at the hands of
employees at the Memphis Animal Shelter.

Prosecutors charge Middleton with being responsible for the death of all three dogs.

“It was the defendant’s responsibility as an employee of the Memphis Animal Shelter to care for these animals,” state prosecutor Abby Wallace told the jury. “It was her duty as a veterinarian to see to the welfare of these animals. And she failed all of them.”

Middleton’s attorney said that his client was not responsible for the animals’ deaths. He said there were more than 50 employees and volunteers are responsible for feeding the hundreds of animals at the shelter.

The trial is scheduled to continue today, Wednesday 10/24.  We shall hope that there is some justice and also hope that chance comes to MAS… but my friends, don’t hold your breath.  It’s been years and conditions keep sliding back to more torture and abuse for the poor animals unlucky enough to find themselves incarcerated in MAS…


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